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A5 size - Over 500 pages



The Granite Belt of South-East Queensland is famous for a number of attributes, not least its remarkable wildflowers. The wonderful flora of the region is revealed in this magnificent book. The more familiar favourites are included along with other unique, little known and strikingly beautiful plants that grow in this fascinating area. There are a significant number of endemic species and many plants more typical of South–eastern Australia as a result of adaptations to the cooler climate, poor soils and the variable topography dominated by granite outcrops. 

The book lists over 950 species of flowering plants that occur on the Granite Belt near Stanthorpe. A full index of common names and scientific names, as well as keys and indexes for the major plant groups makes this book easy to navigate and assists the
reader with plant identification. This book contains everything required to identify Granite Belt flora including:

• detailed information for more than 900 species of plants.
• species descriptions including form, habit, height, leaves, flowers, fruits,
flowering season and distribution within the region.
• full colour photographs of over 750 species.
• an easy system for field identification using plant clusters.
• keys and indexes for all the major plant groups.
• an introduction to the vegetation communities of the Granite Belt.
• a handy colour code system providing easy reference to major plant groups.


Beautifully complemented by stunning full colour photographs of over 700 species, Flora of the Granite Belt is the first authoritative guide to the region’s flora and will be treasured as an indispensable resource by plant enthusiasts, visitors to the Granite Belt, field naturalists and academic botanists.

Flora of the Granite Belt

  • $12.00