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Granite Belt flora

Granite Belt flora is a term used to describe those native plants found on the Stanthorpe Plateau – an area bounded by the Queensland-New South Wales border to the east and south, Dalveen to the north, and the line that marks the transition to traprock country to the west. This area includes Girraween National Park and both Broadwater and Passchendaele State Forests.

Because of its location, the flora that exist on the Granite Belt comprises many species that are at their northern or southern population limits, as well as many species that can be found in our neighbouring districts e.g. traprock, New England tableland, escarpment 

Plants of the Granite Belt


A list of Granite Belt Plant Species for all plants on the Stanthorpe Plateau is available for you to download and print.  This list will form the basis for future publications the consortium undertakes.


Any substiantiated changes can be forwarded to Paula Boatfield.

Vegetation of Girraween National Park

A comprehensive list of Granite Belt flora found in Girraween National Park.


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