Grevillea surveys

Below is information about the Grevillea survey work the consortium is currently involved with. 

The Granite Belt has one nationally endangered grevillea species – black grevillea (Grevillea scortechinii subsp. scortechinii) with less than 200 plants known to occur on the Granite Belt, the only place in the world this grevillea is found.


Through survey work we are increasing our knowledge about their population size and trends, distribution and threats. Members of the consortium have agreed to survey, promote and, where it occurs on public land, manage the habitat of this rare grevillea. 

The aims of the project are to:

  • assess the size and distribution of population of Grevillea scortechinii subsp. scortechinii on the Granite Belt.

  • identify and document the impact of threats (eg weed invasion, plant removal, drought impacts and clearing).

  • undertake threat removal activities.

  • assess annual recruitment rates.

  • encourage land managers to mitigate threats through habitat management.

The project is being led by the consortium, and consortium members are participating in surveys and monitoring. 

Please email if you know the locations of grevillea plants on your property or would like to participate in these activities.

p134b Grevillea scortechinii IM0169Cotto

Grevillea scortechinii subsp. scortechinii

Images: Ian Milinovich

Grevillea scortechinii IM5374Cottonvale.
PROT Grevillea scortechinii Thulimbah DS
PROT Grevillea scortechinii Thulimbah DS

Grevillea scortechinii subsp. scortechinii 

Image on the left shows the plant under threat of invasion by whiskey grass (Andropogon virginicus). 

Image on the right shows the plan cleared of threats.