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Wattles of the Granite Belt

Wattles of the Granite Belt - front cove

This book contains a collection of line drawings from the World Wide Wattle web database, and couples them with images of each of the 60 Acacia species that occur on the Granite Belt part of southern Queensland and surrounding districts. The book includes full descriptions of each species including localities.

A5 - 170 pp

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Weight: 420gms

Jenny Holmes wrote the species descriptions and technical text for this publication. She has an extensive and deep knowledge of the Granite Belt flora and a keen interest in Granite Belt wattles in particular. Keys and Granite Belt location information were also provided by Jenny. 

Members of the Stanthorpe Rare Wildflower Consortium (the Consortium) completed the formatting and layout (Paula Boatfield) and provided editorial assistance (Carol Booth, Jeanette Davis, Teresa Clifford, Ian Milinovich, Valerie Insall and Liz Bourne). 

Wattle line drawings have been reproduced from the wattle database World Wide Wattle ( and used with permission from Bruce Maslin (World Wide Wattle administrator) and the individual artists including Margaret Pieroni, Sandra Bird (through the Western Australian Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions and the Western Australian Herbarium), Leon Costermans, John Rainbird, Margaret Saul, Kevin Theile, Queensland Herbarium and the family of Terry Tame. 

The Australian Biological Resources Study (especially Dr P. Kodela) is thanked for assistance in enabling us to reproduce some of the line drawings.

Glossary line drawings (Figures A, C & D) have been used with permission from the family of Marion Simmons. 

Contributing consortium photographers include Ian Milinovich, Paula Boatfield, Teresa Clifford, Aki Green, Jenny Holmes and Valerie Insall, as well as Paul Donatiu and Bill McDonald.

The images of  Acacia amblygona, A. blakei subsp. diphylla, A. caroleae, A. conferta, A. deanei subsp. deanei, A. decora, A. excelsa subsp. excelsa, A harpophylla, A. juncifolia and A. leucoclada subsp. argentifolia were provided by Glenn Leiper.

The images of Acacia decurrens, A. spectabilis, A. debilis, A. dawsonii, A. macnuttiana and A. flexifolia (pg138b) were provided by Sebastian Tesoriero ( 

The image of Acacia flexifolia (pg138a) was provided by Dr. Wolf-Achim Roland.

The image of Acacia resinicostata (pg140a) was provided by Steve and Alison Pearson, Airlie Beach. The image of Acacia resinicostata (pg140b) was provided by Russell Cumming.

Pre-print assistance provided by Stanthorpe Print ‘n’ Copy is gratefully acknowledged.



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