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Flora of the Granite Belt

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A comprehensive book on Granite Belt flora which includes keys, species descriptions and images for over 900 species of native plants found on the Granite Belt area of southern Qld.

A5 - 550 pp

Book price: $50.00

Shipping (on its own): $12.00

Weight: 1200gms


Many people have been involved in the production of this book which was originally conceived by Paul Donatiu. The text for the final publication was prepared predominantly by Glenn and Jenny Holmes, with the assistance of Tony Bean, Bill MacDonald and Mike Mathieson. The species descriptions are based on extensive field research by Glenn and Jenny Holmes. A new species was discovered and described during the research, Homoranthus inopinatus L. Copeland, J. Holmes & G. Holmes. Queensland Herbarium data has been incorporated throughout (acknowledge: G. Guymer and P. Bostock).


Members of the Stanthorpe Rare Wildflower Consortium (the Consortium) created and maintained the original flora list (Paula Boatfield and Teresa Clifford), completed the formatting and layout (Paula Boatfield) and provided editorial assistance (Jeanette Davis, Teresa Clifford, Aki Green, Ian Milinovich Valerie Insall, Liz Bourne, Laura Maywald, Marg Wetsteyn). Contributing photographers included Ian Milinovich (major contributor), Paula Boatfield, Teresa Clifford, Aki Green, Glenn Holmes, Jenny Holmes, Valerie Insall, David James, Marg Wetsteyn and Dell Wham.

Additional images used with permission or acknowledgement:​

  • ​Glenn Leiper - p190 Cayratia clematidea, p214 Melaleuca salicina, p246 Aotus lanigera, p284 Allocasuarina inophloia - fruit, p288 Allocasuarina torulosa, p288 Casuarina cunninghamiana subsp. cunninghamiana, p302 Micrantheum ericoides, p338 Acronychia oblongifolia, p386 Gynochthodes jasminoides, p458 Olearia canescens 

  • © M. Fagg, Australian National Botanic Gardens - p284 Allocasuarina inophloia – bark, p452 Brachyscome curvicarpa

  • Alchetron - p390 Dolichandra unguis-cati

  • Ann Collins - p274 Acacia betchei - fruit

  • Arthur Chapman - p434 Conium maculatum

  • Christian Hummert - p400 Stachys arvensis

  • Colleen Miller - p410 Plantago gaudichaudi

  • David Tng – p402 Teucrium corymbosum

  • Forest and Kim Starr - p418 Verbena litoralis

  • Jean Tosti - p414 Misopates orontium

  • John Dearnaley - p66 Dendrobium kingianum subsp. kingianum

  • Lachlan Copeland - p102 Calochilus grandiflorus, p98 Thelymitra carnea

  • Michael Bedingfield – p410 Plantago hispida

  • Peter M. Dziuk - p400 Salvia reflexa, p402 Utricularia gibba

  • Riera - p424 Solanum chenopodioides

  • Rod and Jo Pearce - p20 Macrozamia viridis

  • Vernon Bunn - p286 Allocasuarina luehmannii

  • Will Cook - p190 Parthenocissus quinquefolia


Glossary reproduced with permission from the University of Sydney.


The Consortium acknowledges the Australian Federal Government’s Envirofund funding program in the creation of this publication.


Click on the button above to download a book review by Tim Low, published in the Autumn publication of Wildlife Australia magazine.

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