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2018 Wildflower walks

Our wildflower walks through the Granite Belt's natural beauty have been immensely popular over the years. Click on the images to download a copy of the poster. Click on the gallery buttons to view some images from each of the walks. 

Unfortunately the first wildflower walk scheduled to go to Foxbar Falls in Amiens is cancelled due to drought. 

Unfortunately the second wildflower walk scheduled to go to the Bullecourt pavement site in the Passchendaele State Forest is cancelled due to wet weather. 

The third wildflower walk for the season will take place on private property 5km south of Wilson's Downfall on Sunday 4 November 2018. Meet at 4071 Mt Lindsay Rd, Wilson's Downfall at 9.30 Qld time. 

Here you will see a diverse range of species unique to the eastern Granite Belt climate.

Click on the button below to download a copy of the poster. 

After the walk, click on the button below to view a gallery of images from this walk.


If you require further information please contact: 


Liz Bourne

Wildflower Walks Coordinator



Ph: 07 4683 6374

I would like to come along

If you intend to join us on any of these walks, please bring with you:



- sturdy footwear

- water

- sunscreen

- camera

- binoculars

- morning tea/lunch


Sorry, no dogs and no motorbikes are allowed on the walks. 

How much does it cost?

Wildflower walks are free to attend. 

What if it's raining?

If it raining heavily on the day at the time of the walk, it is likely the walk will be cancelled. Notification will be placed on our website and our facebook page. If it has rained, but has stopped or broken up, the walk can still go ahead as most tracks we use are all weather tracks.

Interested in hosting a Wildflower Walk?

You will have noticed over the years, we try to have a Wildflower Walk in the Passchendaele State Forest (southern Amiens section) and Girraween National Park.  But we always try to leave one spot open for a private landholder.  If you think you have a diverse display of wildflowers that you don't mind showing off to the general public, we would like to hear from you.

Some criteria are:

- you must have room for parking up to 30 vehicles

- the walk must be along defined tracks preferably in a circuit format

- the walk must not take any longer than 3 hours

- you must have public liability insurance

- amenities are preferred but not necessary

Members from the Stanthorpe Rare Wildflower Consortium would come out ahead of time and assess your property to determine if it is suitable to be considered for a wildflower walk. 


If you feel you can meet this criteria, and can assist us with our endeavour to introduce our diverse array of flora to Stanthorpe and the wider community, please contact Liz Bourne on the details shown.